NJ Man Saves Walmart from Burning Down, Asks for Job in Return in Viral Video

A man filmed himself putting out a fire at a Walmart store in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and what he wants in exchange is a job at the retail outlet.

A New Jersey shopper filmed himself extinguishing a fire at a local Walmart store and asked if he could get a job at the retail store in a video clip that has started circulating on social media.

A man from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, went to a local Walmart store to purchase a few things but realized that a fire had erupted inside the store. Taking matters into his own hands, the man rushed to the store's rescue and quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the fire and what he seeks in return is a job at the outlet.

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The individual, who is yet to be identified, filmed the entire incident that took place on Wednesday, May 13, and shared it on his Instagram account. "Walmart had a fire today....had to turn into Superman," he captioned the post.

Wearing a mask, the man can be seen extinguishing the fire with some help from a fellow shopper, before joking, "I just saved Walmart."

"Can I get an application or something?" the man asks in the video that has since gone viral, garnering thousands of views. While the cause of the fire remains unknown, local authorities are investigating the incident.

"We're very grateful for the swift action," a Walmart spokesperson told the Grio. "Hopefully we can say 'thank you' and possibly give him recognition" for his actions.

Reactions on social media

The video has racked up hundreds of comments with social media users praising the individual for saving the store from burning down and tagging Walmart to give the man a job or a deserving reward.


"It could have burned all the clothes up and destroyed that whole section, and no fire department, commented another. "He is a hero they better offer him a permanent job at any Walmart there especially that one.

"Make him a manager or at least an assistant manager," requested a separate user, tagging Walmart.

On the man's request, some users even started tagging "The Ellen Show," the talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres to invite him onto the show, or reward him with something that has the potential to be life-changing. The DeGeneres show is known to share human interest stories from cute kids, military families and struggling single moms to anyone else who has persevered.

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