NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Accosted by Trump Supporters During Family Dinner Over COVID-19 Restrictions

One of Governor Murphy's sons snapped back at the women after they called him a "d*ck" while he was eating dinner at a restaurant in Red Bank, New Jersey.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was accosted by Trump supporters while he was enjoying a quiet dinner at a restaurant with his family in a video that is being widely circulated on social media.

The Democratic governor was seen on video sitting with his wife, Tammy, their three sons, and their daughter, when at least two women approached him and confronted him in video footage of the rude encounter.

Murphy and his family, who were not wearing masks at the time, were not only seated but also eating at the time of the confrontation. He told reporters on Monday that they were dining outdoors in Red Bank, N.J., during the incident, which took place on Saturday, Nov. 21.

'You're Such a D*ck'

Phil Murphy
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

"Oh my God, Murphy, you are such a d*ck," a woman can be heard telling the governor in the clip that has been viewed more than 1.7 million times since it was posted on Monday.

"You havin' fun with your family in the meantime you're havin' all kind of other bulls--- goin' on?" the other woman chimes in as Tammy whispers something in her husband's ear.

Unfazed by the hecklers, the governor, who recently introduced stringent coronavirus restrictions in the Garden state in the run-up to Thanksgiving, went back to his meal. However, one of his sons was not as patient with the verbal attackers and asked them if they were "a little drunk" before telling them to put their masks on.

"'You can go f*ck yourself, how's that?" one of the women snapped back. "I don't need a f*cking mask. You know why I don't need a mask? Because there ain't nothing f*cking wrong with me."

Murphy's son then sarcastically compliments one of the women's pro-Trump phone case. "Guess who Trump likes. He likes my dad," he tells them.

"No, he doesn't like him," one of them replies. "Get the f*ck outta here." Towards the end of the clip, Murphy places his mask over his face and his wife begins to record the hecklers.

'This is Awful'

The video has now racked up hundreds of comments with users, including those who aren't very fond of Murphy, calling out the women over their "disrespectful" behavior.

"Not a fan of Murphy, but this is wrong! He's with his family eating dinner-leave him alone!!!" wrote one user.

"I may not be a big fan of @GovMurphy but this is wrong on so many levels," commented another. "He is sitting down eating with his family. Once seated you are allowed to take off your mask. From the language to the way she accosted them, this is awful."

'I'm a Big Boy, I Have Thick Skin'

When asked about the incident on Monday, Murphy said the women approached him unprovoked and the pair left after a third person from their group pushed them away.

"I'm a big boy, I have thick skin. It doesn't impact me at all and I think I can say the same thing for my wife," he said during an unrelated press conference. "We shouldn't be teeing off on people. That goes for both sides. I understand the frustration," he added. But "this is not the time to be taking it out on each other."

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