Nintendo's first mobile game Miitomo bids goodbye

Nintendo shuts down Miitomo

Nintendo is shutting down Miitomo, the company's first-ever smartphone game. The decision to end the game is apparently spurred by the freemium social networking game's mediocre following and less impressive performance.

Miitomo was first released in March 2016 for Android and iOS devices with 10 million downloads worldwide. Unfortunately, this feat has not been enough for the Japanese video game company to sustain it, thereby announcing its plan to shut it down starting May 9.

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In line with the closure, Nintendo will be holding a thanksgiving festival where players can win tonnes of coins, which does not make sense at all. The Daily Login Bonus gives players the chance to collect the items they have been eyeing up.

"Miitomo will end its service as of 9/5/2018. As a big thank you to everyone who has enjoyed playing Miitomo, we've prepared some special events so you can continue having fun until the very end!" reads Miitomo's website.

Nevertheless, the company urges players to share their most fond moments playing the game.

The game's conversational style allows users to interact with friends by answering questions on topics under the sun through a Mii avatar, which can be created by players from the ground up. Earned coins, which can be bought, gives players the power to purchase clothing items.

This type of gameplay has been seen in so many existing apps. This got Nintendo negative reviews with some gamers called it "bland" and "not well-thought of".

Miitomo was succeeded by Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp which both took the gaming community by storm.

This article was first published on January 26, 2018