Singapore: Nintendo Labo price and release date

Nintendo Labo
Nintendo Labo Nintendo/YouTube

Nintendo has recently announced its new offering, a toy accessory for its smash-hit Switch console. Called Nintendo Labo, it is a range of pre-perforated cardboard sheets that can be folded into different forms to hold the Switch.

The Nintendo Labo has been misunderstood so far by critics and the public as a mere low-tech cardboard. It transforms into different shapes and forms with slots and buttons for the Switch console and the Joy-Con controllers.

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This makes the cardboard capable to respond to vibrations and motion sensitivity, which is its ultimate goal. It is primarily designed for kids. In essence, this Switch accessory basically works as a paper toy but gives users a new experience to have their electronic gadgets embedded in a top-grade carton.

Nintendo Labo price

Two kits are available for pre-order. The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit costs US$69.99 (around S$92). This includes five different Toy-Con projects: 2 RC cars, 1 fishing rod, 1 house, 1 motorbike and 1 piano. The Nintendo Labo Robotic Kit costs US$79.99 (around S$105). This includes a backpack box and a headwear shade.

Both packages come with the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit software. Parents can also purchase some additional trinkets such as stickers, tapes and stencils for more customisation options.

Nintendo Labo release date

The Nintendo Labo release date will begin on April 20. Currently, the DIY cardboard accessory is available to pre-order at retails stores Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop in the US. Nintendo is yet to announce its availability in other markets or regions.

The company is inviting parents who have kids ages 6 to 12 to join a three-hour hands-on event. Parents can sign up here.

Watch the Nintendo Labo trailer below.

This article was first published on January 19, 2018