Nintendo announces Splatoon animated series airing August

The upcoming instalment of Splatoon game is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 21 July.

Smash hit Nintendo exclusive Splatoon will soon be available online as an anime adaptation, the Japanese video game company confirmed. Splatoon's animated TV franchise will be streamed via YouTube starting August.

Splatoon manga publisher CoroCoro Comics has just confirmed via Japanese publication on Tuesday that a series is set to air on YouTube beginning 12 August. CoroCoro Comics said the series centres around the Blue Inklings in their journey against enemies in Turf Wars.

The Splatoon series will be aired on its official YouTube channel that caters to its native fans in Japan, which means it is streamed in Nihongo. CoroCoro Comics has not confirmed yet if it is providing English subtitles when the series begins to air next month. Nevertheless, some implications suggest that the Splatoon series will be available in English after its debut.

In another news, the upcoming instalment of Splatoon game is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 21 July. Following its overwhelming success after being released on Wii U in May 2015 in Japan, Nintendo fanatics are now all eyes for Splatoon 2 to hit Switch next week.

So far, the second instalment was confirmed to continue the third-person shooter gameplay with all the paints and paint guns. Video game experts and analysts have particularly lauded the developer for a more stylish Splatoon game without ever straying away from its lineage.

Splatoon 2 weaponries include paint rollers, paint grenades, and paint guns. In the multiplayer campaign, it is highly recommended for teams to work in coordination to fill the ground with paint rather than going for enemies' kill. Thus, it pays off as well to familiarise swimming controls.

In the single-player campaign, the Hero Mode becomes a major part of the Splatoon 2 rather than just an extension of the multiplayer mode just like in first franchise.