Splatoon 2: Here's what Nintendo told us so far

Splatoon 2 is coming 21 July on Nintendo Switch.

Splatoon is Nintendo's first dip into the waters of shooter video games, and it got them an overwhelming response. With Splatoon 2, the franchise continues the third-person shooter gameplay along with all the paints and paint guns.

Massively injected with humour across the game, it is designed to be played both adults and the kids. Splashing paints all over the opponent's body is equivalent to a kill. In the armoury, paint guns are joined by paint rollers, acting as shotguns, and paint grenades.

Teamwork is key

Splatoon 2 encourages teams to bank on coordination as much as possible. In multiplayer battles, players have to zero in on filling the entire ground with paint since this is the basis of winning, rather than going for each enemy's kill. As players will be playing with a hybrid of human and squid characters, it is important for every team member to become familiar with swimming controls as there are lots of paints squishing around and the grounds will surely be inundated.

Hero Mode

Nintendo decided to make the single-player campaign as an individual. Dubbed as "Hero Mode", this makes the instalment even more exciting and more substantial. Unlike the original franchise, Splatoon 2 makes the single-player mode as an entirely separate campaign to play with, rather than just being an extension of the multiplayer campaign. Players are bound to get tonnes of surprises as new enemies will be introduced here.

More stylish

Nintendo takes styling to the next level with new fashion brands coming in. Splatoon 2 will revolutionize the styling prowess of the players in battles for dominance, making it even more adorable and festive. Although, upgrades based on clothing and accessories will still be an important part of the game so better take this seriously.

Splatoon 2 is slated to be released 21 July on Nintendo Switch.