Nine Muses leader, Hyuna, bids adieu to the band

South Korean girl group Nine Muses debuted in 2010

Nine Muses
South Korean girl group Nine Muses debuted in 2010 Facebook/9musesofficial

South Korean girl band Nine Muses, which debuted with nine members, is now a five-member group. The latest addition to the past members list is lead vocalist Hyuna. The 29-year-old is reportedly leaving the band to 'expand her career in other forms'.

On October 3, band's label, Star Empire, announced that the leader of the group is bidding adieu as her contract with the agency expired, and the singer didn't prefer to renew it. The note read: "The contract with Hyuna, who has been with us as the member of Nine Muses for the past 6 years, has been terminated. After taking time to discuss the matter with Hyuna, we have decided to respect her desires to expand her career in other forms."

"Please give Hyuna, who led the team and worked her hardest as the oldest unnie of Nine Muses, your love and attention as she starts off anew," the company further relayed.

Meanwhile, the Yeosu-born songstress, who has the most varied experience in modelling and product endorsements, also talked about her discontinuation from the group activities. Hyuna, whose real name is Moon Hyuna, asserted: "It feels unreal even though the decision was made after giving it thought for a long time. I feel like I'll always be here laughing and chatting with my members and being happy from my fans' love."

"I am a bit scared and also lost, but I will not forget the passion I had as the oldest unnie of Nine Muses," the singer relayed through her fan cafe.

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