Nine Muses' Kyungri opens up about her backup dancer past

Kyungri is now a popular singer in South Korean music industry.

Nine Muses member Kyungri is one of the most famous entertainers in the K-pop industry. The 25-year-old singer revealed she used to be a backup dancer during the initial days of her career.

Kyungri apparently has worked with many famous singers before joining the South Korean girl group. During an episode of MBC's Radio Star, she said: "I was not only a backup dancer for Chaeyeon, but also for Park Mi Hyung and Kim Gun Mo sunbaenim."

With all the fame and glory, Kyungri also had to face criticisms. She was struck by rumours that she is a chain-smoker.

Following that, the girl band member took to her Twitter account to address the reports. She wrote: "I may drink, but I do not smoke. Do not spread rumors. No matter how sexy you may think I look... In contrast to how I look, I'm mild."

"I don't think badly of people who smoke. There are people around me who I like that smoke frequently. It's your right, and it's not my place to say do this or that. All I wanted to say was that I am a milder person than you think since I was hearing all these rumors. I hope that no one misunderstands," she added.