Nigerian socialite impregnates his six wives all at same time; Twitterati wonder how

A Nigerian socialite named Eze Nwalie Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike, has reportedly gotten his six wives pregnant all at the same time. The pictures and the videos of him with them have now gone viral but has come under severe criticism for objectifying women.

Nigerian socialite impregnants his six wives at same time
A Nigerian socialite named Eze Nwalie Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike, has gotten his six wives pregnant. Pretty Mike Instagram

He has proudly shared the picture of him with his six wives on his Instagram account. "AGOS ZADDY LIVE #williamsgottheoscar PM and his 6 Baby Mothers to be .... no film trick, we are just living our best life #ABetterTime #HappyHome #Familyiseverything #babybum," he captioned the photo.

The socialite also posted a clip in which he is seen rubbing their bellies one after the other. Looking at the video, his wives are apparently happy and enjoying his gesture, but his behavior has been widely criticized by netizens.

Pretty Mike, who is the owner of a club, recorded the clip before going to actor Uchemba Williams and Brunella Oscar's wedding. Unfortunately, the news of him impregnating six wives has overshadowed the buzz around the marriage in the media.

If it is not enough, he has shared a new teaser of him sharing the bed with all his wives. It has garnered close to lakh views by the time this story went for publishing. "This is a short Preview to my next post, a vibe on a different level,a Happy vibe,Suspense vibe,Scary vibe and a Thrilling lifestyle........ Plus there will be a 100k giveaway to the person that comes up with the perfect name to this my lifestyle, and the only way to win, is to have the most likes and comments underneath the name u suggest #LagosZaddy #HusbandMaterial #PabloCubanaReLoading #AbetterTime. [sic]" he captioned the clip.

However, there is a belief among netizens that he might have not impregnated them and might be doing it to seek attention.

Here is how Netizens React to the News:

Bright Alozie: Whether it is attention seeking or whatever, this is quite disturbing & cringeworthy, unless the pregnancy ain't real. Let's just say it's just cruise. But the way this guy objectifies women is really sickening.
The ladies that agreed to do it tho. Hustle sha, ee get why.

TJ Gashua: If these people are not enlightened about the danger of having many children just for the fun of it, Africa is doomed to failure.

Futures Yesterday Chequered flagEagleTMC: A man did a baby shower for him and his newly pregnant baby mothers. There were six of them! #PrettyMike

'Pretty Mike needs to be placed in the psychiatric intensive care section, he's obviously exhibiting some symptoms of mental illness. And for those ladies, 6000 years of pregnancy will do.'

Emdee David: I wonder why Feminist organisations like have not deemed it fit to tackle women slave masters like #prettymike who make animals of women in the name of entertainment.
Or should just blame the women he uses?

As per the media reports in Nigeria, he is known for flaunting wealth by gifting costly gifts to his partners. He shares every bit of his life on Instagram.