Emtee's Girlfriend Nicole on Physical Abuse Allegations: I'll no Longer Protect Someone Trying to Destroy my Life

Nicole Kendall Ndevu, estranged wife of South African rapper Mthembeni Ndevu aka Emtee, has responded to the physical abuse allegations made against her by him. She has defended herself and refused to make counter-allegations against her boyfriend.

Emtee and Nicole Chinsamy
Emtee and Nicole Chinsamy. Instagram

"I would like to address the false accusations made against me by Mthembeni Ndevu (Emtee's real name). Firstly the claim made by Mthembeni that I physically abuse him is completely false and is a fabrication designed to attack my character," she said in a statement posted on her Instagram.

Emtee's Wife Refuses to Tell her Side of the Story
For the sake of her children, Nicole has refused to reveal her side of the story. "I will no longer protect someone who is trying to destroy my life by making false accusations about me. This is a blatant attempt to tarnish my name and my family's name. The truth as to the core reason for the public fallout will be revealed," Nicole wrote.

A few days ago, Emtee made shocking allegations against his wife in a series of tweets. He alleged that she with the support of her family members has been physically abusing him.

"I hate how you have to protect yourself even from those who claim to love you. There's always someone plotting on me. Tryna do me dirty no matter how much I stay out the way and keep to myself,"

Emtee and Nicole Chinsamy
South African rapper Emtee has broken his silence on his strained relationship with his fiance Nicole Chinsamy. Emtee Social Media Pages

He accused his fiance of using the victim card after abusing him physically on numerous occasions. The 28-year old claimed to be staying in his friend's house after she threw him out of her house. SA News quoted him as sharing the below post:

I do not want anything now. She calls her very buff brother, uncles and even her mother to come and hit me. Her mother chocked me and I saw the evil in her as she was holding me by the throat against the wall. I will die for things I do not know about because of this woman. I don't know why she always tryna make me feel like I ain't sh*t when I'm a goat of note. I'm currently tweeting from my big homie crib cos she took the keys to my spot and went to her parents' naso,

Following his outburst, his fans had extended support to him by trending #prayforemtee on Twitter.

The Emtee Records founder met Nicole Chinsamy in 2012 and it was love at first sight for the estranged couple. They welcomed their first son, Avery in 2015 and their second son, Logan in 2018.

This article was first published on November 20, 2020