Nigeria Video: $2 billion worth Chinese business park vandalized to protest attacks on Africans in China

  • 'Enough is enough, we are tired of the disrespect'

  • Most attacks were carried out at Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone in Ogun State

  • China has an investment of over $2 billion at the Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone

  • Chinese are attacking Africans in China accusing them of causing a second wave of coronavirus outbreak

A new video from Nigeria claims to show Nigerians burning down Chinese owned shops and factories in retaliation to the coronavirus fueled racist attacks on Africans in China.

There has been an increase in anger among the Africans over the treatment being meted out to their fellowmen in China, who are subjected to racist violence and mistreatment after rumors blamed the African community for causing the second wave of COVID 19 outbreak in the Chinese mainland. [Also Read: Over 2000 Nigerians file for immediate evacuation from China]

According to local reports from Nigeria, the locals went on a rampage in Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone in Ogun State that shares borders with Lagos in Southwestern Nigeria.

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A Nigerian mob burnt down Chinese-owned factories in retaliation of the Coronavirus fueled racist attacks on African migrants in China, reported Nigerian news source - National File.

In the video, a mob is heard chanting "enough is enough, we are tired of the disrespect" before they burn down Chinese-owned businesses at the Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone (FTZ), which for the last ten years was being developed jointly by businesses from China's Guangdong province and Ogun state.

The Free Trade Zone as per a report is a prime business location for Chinese enterprises as it generates an average output value of over 234 million US dollars per annum and has exceeded 2 billion dollars in total investment.

In the video, the locals threatened to destroy all Chinese businesses in the country unless the racist attacks on Africans in China were stopped.

Nigeria is the second country to see a wave of retaliatory attacks on the Chinese, an unconfirmed video that emerged recently from the Republic of Guinea claimed that the coastal West African country had arrested all the Chinese nationals.

The country has now warned China of dire consequences if its nationals were not returned safely.

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Africans in China

China since the first week of April has seen an increase in racist violence and discrimination against the Africans in the country.

Reports from China reveal that Africans are being harassed, denied basic services and even evicted from homes despite adhering to mitigation guidelines.

There have been several shocking videos from China that claim to show Chinese brutally beating up Africans accusing them of spreading COVID 19 causing coronavirus.

The attacks against Africans increased after an online post claimed that two Nigerians who were tested positive for coronavirus had escaped from the hospital.

This article was first published on April 21, 2020