Nicholas Bostic: Pizza Delivery Man Filmed Risking His Own Life As He Saved 5 Kids From A Burning House (WATCH)

A pizza delivery man in Indiana risked his own life and saved five kids from a burning house. Nicholas Bostic, 25, has suffered serious injuries in the process.

The incident happened last week in Lafayette when Bostic was driving along a street and suddenly saw a house engulfed in flames.

Nicholas Bostic
Nicholas Bostic saving a kid from a house fire Twitter

Four Kids Were Sleeping

He rushed toward the burning house and started shouting to know if anyone was inside. At that time, there were no firetrucks or any emergency responders nearby.

Nobody replied to Bostic but he still thought that people could be trapped inside the building. So he went inside the house, which was filled with smoke, however, he couldn't see anyone on the ground floor. But he found four kids sleeping upstairs.

Nicholas Bostic
Nicholas Bostic saving a kid from a house fire Twitter

The kids aged from 1 to 18 were taken out of the home when one of the kids told the delivery boy that there was one more kid inside the building.

One Kid Was Still Inside The House

Bostic again went into the house to find out the kid but there was no idea where he was. And the house was also completely filled with smoke.

Nicholas couldn't see but he wrapped his shirt around his mouth and took the plunge downstairs, where he located the child. Nicholas scooped up the little girl in the blinding black smoke and looked for the door but he couldn't see it. So, he ran back upstairs with the child and jumped from the second-floor window, making sure he landed on his side so the child was protected from impact, according to TMZ.

Nicholas Bostic Suffered Severe Injuries

The child was saved and didn't suffer any injuries. But Bostic suffered severe injuries due to massive smoke inhalation. His right arm was also gravely cut so he was flown to a hospital, where he received treatment.

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This article was first published on July 20, 2022