NFL: Tom Brady to the Oakland Raiders? Derek Carr gives his opinion about rumours

Everyone except Tom Brady seems to be completely consumed by the future Hall of Famer quarterback's upcoming free agency decision. The speculation about Brady's future continues to mount with reports now claiming that the New England Patriots will not wait until March to learn his decision as it will not give them enough time to plan for the future in the event he decides to join another franchise.

The six-time Super Bowl winner revealed recently that he will not rush into a decision about his future and will make an informed decision after considering all the options on the table. ESPN's Adam Schefter believes the Patriots are not willing to burn their fingers like they did by waiting for Rob Gronkowski to decide his future last season, when in March he announced his retirement leaving little time for the franchise to sign a good replacement.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady, a National Football League player. Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall

They are said to be keen to be a part of Brady's decision making process in order to have time to sign a quality replacement if the quarterback decides not to re-sign with the franchise, he has spent his entire NFL career with. Brady recently admitted that he was going to embrace the process and consider all the options on the table, especially since this is the first time, he is becoming an unrestricted free agent.

"I don't believe the New England Patriots are waiting until March 16 to get an answer from Tom Brady," Schefter said, as quoted on Fox Sports. "Last year, Rob Gronkowski wound up retiring in late March. I don't know the conversations they did and didn't have before, but New England missed the window on free-agent tight ends.

"So I don't think they're going to let Tom Brady go to free agency, all of a sudden, sign with Team X, and then on March 20, say 'Well, what do we do at quarterback now?' That's not the way that organization operates."

Derek Carr talks about Brady signing with Raiders

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Brady joining the Oakland Raiders, who are moving to Las Vegas next season and that speculation gathered pace after the Patriots quarterback was seen taking to Raiders owner Mark Davis at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 246 in Las Vegas on Jan. 18. Both were present at the T-Mobile Arena to watch Conor McGregor make a winning comeback against Donald Cerrone.

However, Derek Carr, who is the current Raiders quarterback is fed up with all the speculation around Brady arriving to take his job. He believes the speculation is unnecessary as there were several free agents at the UFC fight in Las Vegas.

"I mean, there was a lot of quarterbacks at that fight. And there was a lot of football players at that fight that are free agents," Carr said, as quoted on For The Win, USA Today.

"And it's like, every time, with my job, it's always a story. No matter what. And knowing some people that were around, I even know what the conversation was [between Davis and Brady], and it's like, 'C'mon, man, when's it going to end?'" he added.

This article was first published on January 25, 2020