NFL Super Bowl 2017: How to watch Super Bowl LI in Virtual Reality this weekend

Enjoy the greatest moments of this year's Houston Super Bowl LI on the official Fox Sports app with full VR support.

NFL Super Bowl LI 2017
NFL Super Bowl LI 2017

Football aficionados and virtual reality fans are in for a treat this weekend as the highlights and snippets of Super Bowl LI can be watched in real time for free, using Google Cardboard headset or a Samsung Gear VR. It is a known secret that Fox Sports will enable you to watch Super Bowl live, only if you have the required channel subscription.

NFL Super Bowl 2017 playoffs
NFL Super Bowl 2017 playoffs Sports Illustrated

However, the game's best moments can be viewed on a big screen from the comfort of your couch as you will have access to specialised wide-angle video mapped to a virtual wall.

This does not support 360-degree video functionality, but you can view over 20 different specialised highlights using the Fox Sports app.

Although the official live-streaming app has now dropped this feature owing to copyrights and telecasting rights for the offivial TV channel, you can still enjoy the highlights for free especially if you are stressed out and do not have enough time for watching the whole game.

Super Bowl fans can grab the Fox Sports app for Google Cardboard and Gear VR, using the download links provided below:

Fox Sports app for Google Cardboard

Fox Sports app for Gear VR