Newly wed couple suspected as children go missing in Idaho

A part of a radical and superstitious Mormon cult

A newlywed couple who is suspected of harming two children and the man's previous wife in Idaho is on the run after authorities found suspicious details about them. The children have not been seen since September and concerned relatives requested the police for a welfare check on the younger sibling, who is adopted, to remove any chances of foul play. The mother said that the child is in Arizona with a friend which turned out to be a lie. The couple have been missing since then.

Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow, married weeks after the man's wife died of 'natural causes'. The Rexburg Police Department said in a statement that they are investigating any linkages between the September disappearance of Vallow's children and Daybell's ex-wife.

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Ex-wife's death is treated with suspicion

The police were asked to conduct a welfare check on Vallow's youngest, Joshua, who is adopted and is in need of special attention. The boy was not seen since September and some of the family members believed the couple to be a part of a cult. After the search for the young boy seemed futile the police released a warrant. By the time the police started the extensive search the couple had run away.

During the search, the police came to the conclusion that Vallow's elder daughter had been missing as well. Vallow's husband had also mysteriously passed away a few months before the disappearances. Her husband was shot dead by Vallow's brother Alex Cox who passed away earlier this month. The Chandler Police Department and Maricopa County Attorney's Office will be investigating the case.

A 'cult' obsession running in the Vallows

Brandon Boudreaux who is married to Vallow's niece said that the niece and aunt were a part of a radical and superstitious Mormon cult. He believes that they are using the cult to make money off of people's believes.

Missing Children from Idaho
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