Kim Min Suk reminded of own long-term relationship while filming 'Because This is My First Life'

The next episode of 'Because This is My First Life' will air on October 23.

Kim Min-suk
Kim Min-suk.

Actor Kim Min-Suk, known for his roles in the Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo starrer 'Descendants of the Sun,' SBS's 'Defendant' and now 'Age of Youth 2,' talked about his new tvN drama 'Because This is My First Life.' He also revealed how his character's romantic relationship in the drama reminded him of his own long-term relationship with a girlfriend.

As noted by website Soompi, Kim Min-suk recently posed for a photoshoot with fashion magazine Allure, where he talked about his two recent roles. Following the conclusion of 'Age of Youth 2,' Min-suk came back to television with the new drama, 'Because This is My First Life.' In the drama, he plays someone who has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for seven long years.

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Kim Min-suk said, "Before I pick a role, I try to find similarities between myself and the character I'll play. Reading the script [for 'Because This is My First Life'], I felt drawn to the character because it reminded me of my own long-term relationship. I think Shim Won-suk will be a completely different character from Seo Jang-hoon in 'Age of Youth 2.'" However, the actor didn't divulge any more details about his real-life relationship.

Kim Min-suk's performance as Seo Jang-hoon in 'Age of Youth 2' was well liked by fans. However, working on two dramas within such a short time proved to be quite hectic for the actor. "To be honest, it was rough at times because filming for the dramas overlapped, and I was always worried about becoming a hassle with my scheduling conflicts."

However, 'Age of Youth 2' was no doubt a rewarding experience for Min-suk. "That drama was very meaningful to me in a lot of ways. I gained a lot of confidence through the drama because it felt like people were starting to recognise me for my ability to work with a partner and have chemistry together as a romantic pairing."

More recognition means more fame. However, fame hasn't been able to change him fundamentally as a person. "I like that I'm able to treat my friends to meals or drinks. I think of the people around me as my most prized assets in life, and I like hanging out with my friends. Being able to spend the money I make for my friends makes me happy," Kim Min-suk insisted.

The next episode of 'Because This is My First Life' will air on October 23 at 21:30 KST on tvN.

This article was first published on October 18, 2017
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