New Xfinity xFi turns Comcast gateways into highly advanced Wi-Fi system

xFi Gateways now also have built-in defense against phishing and malware just like its counterparts


Comcast has just launched Xfinity xFi, a platform that the company has developed to upgrade the users' experience online. With the launch, the new XfinityXfiis now available to over 10 million existing users of XB3 Gateway, which has now been renamed to xFi Wireless Gateway.The new users of xFi Advanced Wireless Gateway will also be able to avail the newly launched services.

Xfi, as the company suggests, is incredibly user-friendly. The new device is able to manage users' home works, such as, the setting up process, Wi-Fi passwords, connected clients, parental control features etc, and the best part is you can easily connect it with a dashboard that is accessible via a web interface, a mobile app (iOS and Android) or the X1 voice remote, said Comcast. Apart from that, with xFi, users can also monitor other devices' activities, manage multiple devices by grouping them into profiles and receive alerts when a new device connects to their home network.

As per, CNET, xFi Gateways now also have built-in defense against phishing and malware just like its counterparts, such as, the TP-Link Deco M5 or the Amped Wireless Ally.

Comcast gateways, which were previously considered to be primitive in terms of customization and had limited features, now is able to become a modern networking device similar to full-fledged Wi-Fi systems, thanks to xFi. Comcast also said that it has plans to offer wireless extenders that automatically work with the xFi gateways for users to quickly extend their home Wi-Fi network.

This article was first published on May 8, 2017