Electric car

Tesla seems to understand the doldrums that could come with long charging times for their cars, and are providing video games in their cars to help pass the time. The latest game added to Tesla's collection gets the car involved.

A recently announced video game as part of Tesla's Arcade and Toybox is "Beach Buggy Racing 2," from developer Vector Unit. Rather than having a controller or separate way to play, the game uses the car as the controller. Steering is handled with the car's own steering wheel, while the brake and accelerator are used to manage speed in the game.

Tesla showed off the game in a short teaser it shared on its Twitter account.

"The game has been tuned to give you full control of your dune buggy with minimal steering wheel movement," Tesla told CNET. "You can also use touchscreen controls which does not move the wheels, and USB controller support is coming soon."

At launch, the "Mario Kart"-esq game will sport cartoony-graphics while player characters race Tesla Model 3's. The modes will range from Chill to Ludicrous and feature 22 tracks when the new update releases on Tuesday.

One important note to players is that the teaser trailer showed the car's front wheels turning while the driver is charging the car and playing "Beach Buggy Racing 2." This added stress could cause uneven wear on the front tires and increase the stress on the car's steering.

This article was first published in IBTimes US. Permission required for reproduction.