DotEmu's Arnaud De Sousa announced through the PlayStation blog that Windjammers is bound for release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on 29 August. Dubbed as "the most entertaining sports game ever", DotEmu was proud to present the classic title that both modern and retro games lovers will adore.

De Sousa boasts Windjammer's return exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita alongside new features. The game originally appeared in arcades and on Neo Geo AES and Neo Geo CD. As an updated exclusive title, De Sousa vowed "to deliver the optimum experience" as it took them quite long to bring the game back on the run. Windjammer was dropped from Neo Geo gaming consoles, a cartridge-based arcade system owned by the Japanese video game company, SNK Corporation.

Windjammers core gameplay involves two buttons, two characters, and a frisbee—a great mixture of a classic 90's game and a modern gaming console. This can be a game-changing move for Sony Interactive Entertainment, which has been continuously criticised along with Microsoft, due to lack of exclusive titles. Windjammer may not be an original PlayStation release, Sony's console players are in for a huge treat with the retro game who wish to play titles like those on the Nintendo Switch console.

De Sousa emphasised that Windjammers differs from the original title in the online ranking system, matchmaking system, ergonomics, menus, and netplay. Through the game's closed beta on PlayStation 4, the developer ensures the new title is in mint condition and is ready for release by the end of August.

In the meantime, De Sousa is teasing the Windjammers eSports as it has become a popular demand in the community. He did not give full details as of now, saying: "So what's next? Esports baby! But first we're taking a chill pill and concentrating on the release." In addition, he revealed DotEmu already has plans for updates and improvements for Windjammers.