New Photos and Video of Argentina Fan Flashing Boobs after Argentina's World Cup Win Emerge Raising Concerns of Her Safety [WATCH]

The female fan, who was seen exposing her breasts, reportedly was taken out of the stadium by security guards.

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New photos and video of the Argentine fan who went topless and flashed her boobs in wild celebration during Argentina's victory over France at the World Cup have raised fresh concerns over her safety. The female fan, who was seen exposing her breasts, reportedly was taken out of the stadium by security guards.

No details about her whereabouts have been released since then, as now risks arrest and jail time given Qatar's warning ahead of the Fifa World Cup that spectators could be slapped with huge fines or even put behind bars if they flash their figures at the stadiums or anywhere during their stay in Qatar.

Too Hot for Qataris

Argentina fan flashing
The Argentina fan seen topless as she flashed her boobs to the crowd after her country's World Cup win Twitter

Fans have been concerned for the Argentine fan after new photos and a video of the blonde showing off her boobs while topless during the World Cup final emerged on social media. The Argentina supporter was caught on camera taking off her top and baring her breasts live on television moments after Gonzalo Montiel's game-winning penalty strike in the penalty shootout.

However, in doing so she violated the stringent nudity laws of the host country Qatar, and as a result, she may now be subject to jail time or a heavy fine.

Argentina fan flashing
The blonde was reportedly escorted out of the stadium by security personnel Twitter

Viewers at home could see the female fan leaping around in the front row while she was not wearing a top. A few brief clips showed the Argentine fan supporting her side after what was undoubtedly the most exciting World Cup final in the competition's history.

The topless fan was trying to hide behind a huge banner when the cameraman sneakily zoomed in on her. The broadcast caught the flag dropping and displayed the soccer supporter's excitement in all its magnificence as she waved her jersey, despite the banner briefly concealing her.

New photos show the fan standing in front of other spectators with her boobs exposed as she jumps in excitement after Argentina's win. She was reportedly escorted out of the Lusail Stadium by security officials after the match.

Other supporters on social media are worried about her now because no information about her whereabouts has been released since.

Against Qatar's Law

In the video, the blonde Argentine fan could be seen flashing her breasts to the cheering spectators behind her when a security guard noticed she was topless and ordered her out of the stadium. It is not known if she was arrested or disciplined after being caught flashing her boobs at the crowd as she now faces jail time.

Argentina fan topless
The Argentina fan tried to hide behind a banner after going topless Twitter

Women traveling to Qatar for the World Cup were instructed to follow the country's stringent dress codes, which include prohibiting the wearing of tight apparel.

Even though non-Qatari women are not required to don the long, black robe known as the abaya, they are nevertheless required to cover their shoulders, midriffs, and knees with skirts, dresses, or pants.

Additionally, women entering the Arab country are not permitted to display any cleavage or wear attire that is too tight. Fans were forewarned that they would need to follow Qatar's strict, traditional customs in the run-up to the tournament.

Argentina fan flashing
The Argentina fan went topless Twitter

The Qatar Tourism Authority stated: "Visitors (men as well as women) are expected to show respect for local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public.

"It is generally recommended for men and women to ensure their shoulders and knees are covered."

Also, the frequently glamorous WAGs were advised to wear scarves around the necks in order to conceal their chests.

Argentina fan topless
The Argentina fan tried to hide behind a banner after going topless Twitter

Ivana Knoll, a 26-year-old Croatian model known as the World Cup's "sexiest fan," disobeyed the strict dress code laws of the Muslim country by donning a variety of provocative costumes, including swimsuits, while adamantly claiming she doesn't fear arrest.

Argentina defeated France on Sunday night in an outstanding soccer match that displayed Argentina's dexterity and unstoppable abilities.

In addition to kissing the prized golden trophy, top player Lionel Messi also received a kiss from his wife Antonela Roccuzzo, who is his most devoted supporter.

This article was first published on December 20, 2022