New iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks you can download now for free!

Here are the new iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks worth-checking now!

A new batch of iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks just came out and most of them are free. These tweaks have different functionalities that may be useful for your daily smartphone use.

Here are the new jailbreak tweaks worth-checking now!


Receiving text messages embedded with links can be annoying sometimes, most especially when these links are tapped inadvertently. With this tweak, you will be allowed to disable links within your SMS or iMessage so when tapped they would not launch.

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At the top right of your screen, you might see a breadcrumb button that gives you an easy access to your previous sessions. With Croutons, that button transforms into an app's icon so they would be nicer and cooler to look at.


Your iPhone does not have the capability to sort your call logs according to a specific reason, including those made by third-party apps. With this tweak, you now have the power to delete logs made by third-party apps.


If you have been drooling over how Samsung Galaxy S8 devices receive a notification, you can port that ability to your iOS phone via Edgify. This tweak infuses a little light when receiving messages, app updates, etc. Edgify costs US$9 only.


An official version of this tweak may be coming to iOS 11 once it arrives soon, you can get it now for a minimal fee of US$1 only. This tweak allows you to take screenshots, mark them accordingly and share them immediately.