New iOS 10 Control Center bug may crash your iPhone
New bug discovered in iOS 10 Control Center could freeze your phone and cause a SpringBoard restart

iOS 10 still has its fair share of weird little bugs that have remained unaddressed by Apple, ever since its release. Although the effect of these bugs on affected devices is reportedly minimal, folks at Italian site 'AmiciApple' suggest that the new control center bug may crash your iPhone.

The Control Center bug allegedly persists in the latest iteration of iOS 10.3.2 beta, wherein the user may experience a SpringBoard crash, following the system freeze triggered by a series of taps on the iPhone screen.

Here's how the bug could be reproduced on your iPhone:

Launch Control Center by swiping up and select one of the three options from Alarm Clock, Calculator or Camera shortcuts and then simultaneously choose Night Shift and AirDrop.

You will be required to use three of your fingers simultaneously to get this right. If you did manage to trigger the bug, you will notice a total freeze before the SpringBoard restart kicks off. However, your device should start working normally, following the SpringBoard restart.

Do let us know in the comments section below, if you succeeded in reproducing this bug on your iPhone.

[Source: AmiciApple]