New features of Microsoft Edge may attract Chrome users to switch their web browser

The newest Edge update will hide the annoying popups, this may prompt users to switch to Microsoft browser over Chrome, or at least try it

Pop ups in browsers are always annoying as they keep surfacing on the sides of the screen that asks permission if the website can notify new content. Microsoft is trying to add a new feature to its Edge browser to hide these annoying popups for good.

Forbes reported that this may prompt people to use Edge over Chrome. Both of them are based on the Chromium browser engine, while Microsoft's Edge is set to use quieter notification permission UI similar to Google's Chrome.

In addition to the feature which blocks popups on normal sites, it would block them even on scam sites, where allowing notifications would mean inviting unwanted ads and also malwares.

Chrome and Edge
Chrome and Edge Youtube screengrab

This feature is already available in Edge's Beta versions and will be out for all later this year. User can try by downloading Edge 83 beta with the following steps: Settings > Site Settings > Notifications and enable 'Use quieter messaging.'

Edge, only next to chrome

This comes at a time when Edge browser made it past Firefox being second only to Chrome as per NetMarketShare recent figures. At a time when Chrome has already set its place in the market, it may prove to be challenging for Edge to race over Chrome, but people will, in the least, try out the updated browser for its features.

Now, the company has confirmed that it will add new security features to Edge in order to help people during the coronavirus pandemic as they are working from home. Both Chrome and Edge would skip a version's release and jump in providing cool and new features, said reports.

Microsoft Edge
Representational Picture Microsoft

Study on privacy

A study from February found that Edge sent device identifiers and browsing pages to back end servers after finding that only Brave browser, by default, did not use any such identifiers that allow tracking of IP address and didn't send any details of visited web pages to backend servers.

Since new security features of Edge may improve privacy, those who want a change from Chrome might switch to Microsoft's browser once they test its efficacy over Chrome.

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