New features for Messenger video calls: Facebook copies Snapchat again

Facebook has added new filters, reactions, masks and many more new features into the Messenger video calls


Just when you thought it's not possible for Facebook to copy anymore Snapchat features, Mark Zuckerberg's company proved you wrong. Facebook Messenger from now on will offer Snapchatty filters for video calls, such as a different color hue or lighting type and much more.

Along with the filters, Facebook is also bringing in masks and video reactions to video chats in Messenger. All you need to do is update your app in order to get all these fun features into your Messenger video calls.

The video reactions will allow the users to choose one of the Facebook reaction emojis and bring up custom video filters that share your joy, anger, sadness or more. The live filters allow you to react to conversations in a more visual way.

The update will also include some new augmented reality masks in the video chats, which will let users a greater depth of variety in what exactly they can become onscreen. Animated effects like falling hearts and shooting stars that react to your movements will also be included in the update, you know just like the ones in Snapchat.

Taking a screenshot of the video calls will also become easier, as now there will be a dedicated button on the screen, using which you can save the images.

This article was first published on June 27, 2017