New Chrome update for iOS brings a hidden Dino game

Google packs a hidden Dino game in its latest Chrome browser update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Google Chrome
New Chrome update for iOS brings a hidden Dino game Google

Avid mobile-phone gamers are in for a special treat as Google has just rolled out a new incremental update featuring a mini game to its iOS Chrome browser via App Store. Apart from the regular stability improvements and bug fixes, the latest build (v54.0.2840.66) introduces an attractive side-scrolling browser game that can be played offline or even without an internet connection.

The update is just 98.9MB in size and requires internet connection for downloading the files. However, once it is installed it can be played offline.

Here is how you unlock the game whenever you are in offline mode or if internet connection is down:

  • Just put your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in Airplane Mode and navigate to any random webpage in Chrome. Right at this moment, you should get a notification saying "You are Offline", along with a charming little Dinosaur on the screen.
  • Now tap the Dino icon to start playing the retro-style game in side-scrolling format.

As iDownloadBlog reports, Google has written the game in HTML5 and it seems to be a clear substitute for Nintendo's Super Mario Run that was designed for one-handed play.

Interested Chrome users running iOS on their device can download the latest browser update for free, using this link.

If you are still sceptical, just check out the mini game in action, in the embedded video below: