Nevertheless Episode 7 Recap; Episode 8 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

Nevertheless is just two weeks away from its finale and the relationship between Park Jae Eon and Yoo Na Bi is still a mystery. With the entry of Yang Do Hyeok, things are getting more complicated. The viewers got a glimpse of the love triangle in episode 7, and they will get a better picture in the upcoming chapter.

Episode 8 of this JTBC romance drama will also focus on the relationships of Oh Bit Na, Nam Gyu Hyun, Min Young, An Gyeong Jun, Yoon Sol, and Seo Ji Wan. The chapter will air on Saturday, August 7, at 11 pm KST, and K-drama fans can enjoy it on their television. Before getting into the details of the next chapter, here is a quick recap of episode 7.

Park Jae Eon-Yoo Na Bi Romance

Jae Eon rekindled his relationship with Na Bi towards the end of the seventh episode. But the viewers did not get to see what they were desperately waiting to watch this week -- a confession by Jae Eon. Though Na Bi confronted him about his relationship with Yoon Seol Ah, he did not reply to her. Instead, he used his usual tricks to pull her towards him.

As the title of the episode states, there is no turning back for Na Bi. Initially, she tried her best to ignore Jae Eon, and her childhood friend Do Hyeok helped her to a certain extent. Do Hyeok was not happy to see Jae Eon. He tried to make things difficult for the sculpture students. But he failed in his mission.

Trouble ahead for Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Eon in Nevertheless episode 8. JTBC

Nam Gyu Hyun-Oh Bit Na relationship

Nam Gyu Hyun called it quits with Oh Bit Na in episode 7 because he thinks she is not serious about their relationship. For the first time in this mini-series, the viewers saw Bit Na trying hard to make up with Gyu Hyun. Although Na Bi's best friend pretended to be enjoying the trip with her classmates, she missed spending time with her lover.

Towards the end of the chapter, she managed to hang out with him for some time. But it ended up on a sad note. When Bit Na tried to settle things with Gyu Hyun, he told her that it is impossible, and he walked away, leaving her alone. Did this chapter mark the end of Kim Min Gwi's role in this series? The viewers will get to know about it this week.

Actor Kim Min Gwi
Actor Kim Min Gwi as sculpture student Nam Gyu Hyun in JTBC drama Nevertheless. JTBC

A Shocking Revelation

The seventh episode made a shocking revelation about the relationship between Seo Ji Wan and Yoon Sol. They are in love. After getting drunk, Ji Wan told Yoon Sol that she is not just her best friend. Ji Wan likes Yoon Sol more than anything else in the world. But Yoon Sol requested her to stop giving her hope. Since the chapter just introduced their relationship in this chapter, the viewers will have to watch the next episode to know more about it.

Episode 7 also featured the budding romance between Min Young and An Gyeong Jun. They are likely to end up as a lovely couple towards the end of this series. The followers of this drama can watch more of their romance in the upcoming episode.

Yoo Na Bi will entangled in a love triangle with Park Jae Eon and Yang Do Hyeok in Nevertheless episode 8. YouTube/Screenshot

Nevertheless Episode 8 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

The romance drama will return with a new episode on JTBC Saturday, August 7, at 11 pm KST, and it will focus on the love triangle between Jae Eon, Na Bi, and Do Hyeok. The promo for this week shows Na Bi struggling to balance her relationship with her lover and her childhood friend. The rivalry between Jae Eon and Do Hyeok will probably begin with this chapter.

K-drama fans across the globe can watch the episode on TV or stream on the official website of JTBC. The mini-series is also available on various streaming platforms, including Netflix, with subtitles.

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