Netizens Think Biden Has 'Dementia' After He Confuses President Trump for George Bush [VIDEO]

Joe Biden's wife Jill can be seen mouthing "Trump" under her breath in an attempt to help her husband correct his mistake.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to confuse President Donald Trump with former president George W. Bush during an online fundraising event on Sunday.

The former Vice President was speaking to supporters during the virtual "I Will Vote" concert along with his wife Jill when he attempted to make the case for his election.

'We Need to Stop Four More Years of George'

Joe Biden and Jill Biden,
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

"The character of the country, in my view, is literally on the ballot," Biden told moderators George Lopez and CNN analyst Ana Navarro. "Four more years of George, um, George, gonna find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected, we're gonna be in a different world."

Jill appears to remind him, mouthing "Trump" under her breath, at least three times before Biden finally corrects his mistake. The video, which was retweeted by the Trump campaign's official Twitter handle "Trump War Room," has since gone viral on the social media platform with close to 8500,000 views.

Biden Not Fit to Run the Country, Say Netizens

George W. Bush was in office in 2008 when Biden was on the presidential ticket with former President Barack Obama. Biden's onscreen blunder has once again raise questions about the 77-year-old's mental capacity, something Trump has repeatedly drawn people's attention to in the run-up to the election.

Last week, during the final presidential debate, Biden referred to the white supremacist group "Proud Boys" as "Poor Boys." These errors have once again led users to point out that confusion and memory loss are symptoms associated with dementia and that the Democratic nominee for president may not be fit to run the country, after all.

"These are early stages of dementia," wrote one user. "Biden can't run a lemonade stand, let alone our country. This is embarrassing."

"Please America. Joe will flush us down the toilet," commented another.

"This is the saddest thing with @JoeBiden clearly exhibiting memory loss and not able to verbalize thoughts is at some of dementia," yet another user opined. "This guy clearly isn't fit for office."

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