Netizens Come to Kim Min Gwi's Rescue After his Portions Chopped Off from Nevertheless over Cheating Controversy

Kim Min Gwi has paid a price for the controversy that broke out recently when his former girlfriend made allegations of infidelity against him. The actor is apparently being removed from his ongoing TV drama Nevertheless following the backlash from the netziens over his alleged behaviour.

Kim Min Gwi
Kim Min Gwi. Kim Min Gwi Instagram

Nevertheless Scenes Deleted
Big Picture Entertainment has announced that his portions are being edited out from Nevertheless and will be reduced from the drama as much as possible henceforth. This decision was taken after the actor lent an apology over the controversy.

His ex-girlfriend made allegations of cheating on her during their six-year relationship. She accused him of dating numerous girls and one-night stands despite being in a relationship with her. She further claimed that he violated Covid-19 quarantine guidelines by meeting her after getting coronavirus positive.

His behaviour came under severe criticism following which the makers decided to chop off his scenes from the drama.

Is it Fair to Punish Him over his Personal Issues?

Netizens have extended their support to Kim Min Gwi although they have not defended him in the "cheating" controversy. According to them, it is unfair to punish the actor for a controversy surrounding his personal life.

In short, they have registered their unhappiness over the culture in South Korea where the celebrities often get punished at work when they land in a controversy around their personal life.