Netflix's Queen Sono won't return for second season; here's how Pearl Thusi and netizens react

The second season of Netflix's first African original series Queen Sono is not being renewed by the OTT, which has announced the discontinuation of the show on Thursday, 26 November. This decision has met with mixed reviews from the fans online.

Netflix's Queen Sono Discontinued by Netflix
Pearl Thusi-starrer Queen Sono is not renewed by Netflix. Pearl Thusi Instagram

"We've made the difficult decision not to move forward with season 2 of Queen Sono," a spokesperson from Netflix confirmed the news to Channel24. The Pearl Thusi-starrer crime drama is about a South African spy who wants to uncover the truth behind the death of her mother Lady Skollie, a revolutionary leader and freedom fighter.

"We are incredibly proud of the Diprente team for sharing their audacious vision and bringing it to life with Netflix. A huge thank you to our fans across the world for the love shared for our first African Original series."

"Netflix is also grateful to the amazing efforts shown by the cast and crew for their stellar efforts in creating this show for our members around the world. We'll continue to work closely with South Africa's creative industry to keep producing more compelling 'Made-in-South Africa' stories," the spokesperson added.

Netflix's Queen Sono
Netflix's Queen Sono. Pearl Thusi Instagram

Reacting to Netflix's decision not to renew the second season, Pearl Thusi, on her Instagram account, posted, "#QueenSono & Dr Sid... this relationship... the performance highly influenced by my complicated relationship with my own father...⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I remember shooting this scene... letting the scene take me there, the technique I used to make it work... it was late and cold as well...⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What a pleasure to work with you @smorojele .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Thank you for your amazing nature. Kind spirit and unbelievable talent. I'm so honored to have shared the screen with you in my lifetime. Dreams do come true. [sic]"

Fans' Reaction:
However, the latest development has met with mixed response from the fans. While some are disappointed over Netlix's decision, there are netizens are happy with the development. Check out their reaction below:

KMT chick: South africans: thank god queen sono boko haram s2 was cancelled

Nkanyezi Rodriguez: I actually really enjoyed Queen Sono,there's still so much room for improvement but the possibilities there are endless!
personally I'd choose a second season ya Queen Sono rather than Blood and Water...But I want BOTH...Queen Sono has so much room for growth,so much potential,so much opportunity for some really cool stuff all over Africa

OkayAfrica: Netflix has reportedly cited filming challenges that have been brought on by the pandemic as the reason for their decision to cancel the second season of the spy-thriller series, 'Queen Sono'.

Universal Dizzy symbol: If you watched Blood and Water you'll understand why neutrals now realize Queen Sono was Subpar acting.
Netflix chose a stellar cast for Blood and Water.

ukhanki: People mocking Pearl for Queen Sono not being renewed. I'm 100% sure by January she'll score another feature on Netflix while most of those who're celebrating are still stuck in the same place they were.

Kurt Codain: I'm particularly celebrating the fact that the show, in it's own right was straight up trash. It's not even about Pearl, i love her i think she's smart& gorgeous. I wanna see her win but that Queen Sono joint was ass bro. I think we are allowed form an objective opinion about it

Sizwe sikaMusi: The 1st season Netflix's Queen Sono has a Critic's Rating of 91%. To put this into perspective, Game of Thrones' 1st season has a rating of 90%
So, the celebrations of the cancellation of QS are about Pearl, not the show. Sadly, many people are going to lose their livelihoods too

: Did you just compare Queen Sono to Game of Thrones? I don't even watch GOT but I know it generates more money and viewers than any other Series. Queen Sono miscalculated its finances simple

zazaza467: Queen sono was not nice shame sorry Pearl..... Even that Sono drama currently on TV is not nice everything with word "sono" nje inebhadi

SuPeRmAn®Man superhero: I don't hate Pearl Thusi at all but Queen Sono was trash bafwethu, I couldn't even finish the first episode, I for one I put the blame on its creators at large and apparently they canceled it due to low viewership, otherwise there's people who enjoyed it

Lu: I could be wrong but i think people are celebrating because Queen Sono was just boring.

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