Netflix chopped off some of its original series; however, it is unlikely that House of Cards will be on that block. Though, there are no reports about the renewal of the House of Cards but it is expected to come back with its Season 6 in 2018.

According to inquisitr, after The Get Down and Sense 8 got cancelled, fans started thinking whether House of Cards will also suffer the same fate or not.

However, it doesn't seem that House of Cards will be facing anything like that because it is to be noted that the series which got cancelled where mainly because they were expensive to produce and also they weren't getting the desired ratings in comparison to the cost of the production, as stated by Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. House of Cards doesn't really have this problem so it has a chance of going ahead.

In the Season 6 of House of Cards, fans can expect Claire Underwood to be the focal point of the series as she declared it's her turn and Frank Underwood resigns his presidency.

The last episode it is hinted that Claire might go back on her word and that she will exonerate Frank Underwood. Quite possibly, in the sixth season Frank will try to undermine her presidency or face the consequences of his actions.

Reportedly, the creator of the series, Beau Willimon stepped down as the showrunner, now it is doubtful whether the show will be able to retain its worth or not.

The season 6 of House of Cards Season 6 will likely be released by 2018 and the release date will be sometime in the first quarter.

The first four seasons of the series were released in February or early March. However, the last season of House of Cards released in May 30.