Netfilm ransomware operator leaked confidential business data of South Asia's largest lingerie maker

The hackers have reportedly breached over 300 GB of private and corporate files form the MAS Holdings computer network

The Netfilm ransomware operators have published the third instalment of corporate data of MAS Holding after they disagreed with meeting the hacker's demand. MAS Holdings is reputed as the biggest lingerie maker from South Asia.

Before targeting MAS Holdings, the relatively new ransomware operator group victimised Brazilian conglomerate company COSAN as its fist enterprise victim.

MAS Holding failed to meet the Ransom Demand

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The ransom amount has not been disclosed yet. There are not many details available about the kill chain of this ransomware either. But after MAS Holdings failed to meet the ransom demand, the hacker group released the first instalment of data on April 9 2020. Researchers from cybersecurity company Cyble Inc reviewed the data. They found the leaked data was legitimate, comprising tons of secret business data like financial records, employees information, audit findings conducted by the audit and accounting firm PwC.

The second and third leak

Later the hacker group revealed the second instalment of MAS Holdings business data. The volume of data on the second time remained around 28 GB, way higher than the first instalment.

And today, the ransomware operators released the third instalment on May 7, 2020, after MAS Holding failed to meet their demand. According to Cyble Inc researchers, the latest leak has a size of 3 GB. It consists of several corporate documents, including employee training reports, sensitive meeting reports, customer details and so on. The hackers have reportedly breached over 300 GB of private and corporate files form the MAS Holdings computer network.

MAS Holdings manufactures a comprehensive range of products including sportswear, performance wear and swimwear. The company holds big corporate clients like Nike, New Impact Pvt Ltd, Lululemon, Victoria's Secret and PVH. It has a large employee base of over 99,000 spread across 53 manufacturing units in 17 countries and has an annual profit of $2 billion. After its massive success as a clothing brand, the company is stretching out to IT, branding business and industrial parks.

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