Nepal Plane Crash: Air Hostess Oshin Ale Posted Final TikTok Video from Cabin of 72 ATR Yeti Airlines Flight Moments Before it Crashed [WATCH]

Ale can be seen smiling in the viral video to a popular Hindi film song "Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar" playing in the background.

An air hostess on the ill-fated 72 ATR Yeti Airlines flight that crashed in Nepal killing 68 passengers on board had made a TikTok video minutes before the flight took off from Kathmandu that shows her in an extremely happy mood. The touching video has since gone viral, with tributes pouring in for air hostess Oshin Ale, who lost her life along with others.

In the video, Ale can be seen smiling inside the aircraft. According to reports, she was a popular TikTok user in Nepal. This comes as Shocking videos of the horrific crash have emerged that capture the final moments from both inside and outside before the Yeti Airlines plane crashed on the ground, killing everyone on board.

Touching Final Video

Ale, an air hostess who died in the horrific plane crash in Nepal, posted a TikTok video from the cabin moments before passengers boarded the aircraft from Kathmandu. Ale can be seen smiling in the viral video to a popular Hindi film song "Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar" playing in the background.

The footage was taken before the passengers got on the plane. Who would have guessed it would be her final video!

Oshin Ale
Oshin Ale posted the TikTok video before the flight took off Twitter

According to reports, Ale was a popular TikTok influencer in Nepal and would often post videos from inside the flight cabins as she flew across the country.

On the other hand, four passengers on the ill-fated Yeti Airlines plane were live on Facebook to share their experience on the flight, minutes before the aircraft went down.

Another video that has been making the rounds on social media was shot by Sonu Jaiswal, an Indian passenger. The video captures the final seconds the plane had before it crashed, killing at least 68 passengers.

Oshin Ale
Oshin Ale was also a popular TikTok influencer in Nepal Twitter

Jaiswal was streaming live during the crash on Facebook. He was enjoyingly filming the interior and exterior of the plane along with three other passengers as they fly on Yeti Airlines. The Yeti Airlines logo can be seen over Jaiswal's shoulder, and there is also an advertisement for Nepalese insurance on the tray of the aircraft.

Suddenly an explosion can be seen and heard and the screen goes topsy-turvy. The final few seconds show a horrifying fire outside the window and cries of distraught passengers can be heard. The phone kept on recording even as the plane was engulfed in flames.

Moments before Their Death

Jaiswal's phone was recovered from the debris at the site of the crash. Jaiswal was one of the five Indians killed in the fatal crash, who live streamed the video on Facebook Live.

Although the veracity of the video has not been independently verified, the Times of India claims to have spoken to Jaiswal's cousin, who confirmed the 29-year-old was on the aircraft. According to the investigation, just before the collision, one of Jaiswal's companionsâ€"all three of whom were also Indians â€" shouted, "It's real fun!"

Jaiswal was broadcasting on Facebook Live after boarding the plane for Pokhara, according to his cousin Rajat Jaiswal, who was quoted in the report. "Sonu was on Facebook live after boarding the flight for Pokhara. The live-streaming showed that Sonu and his companions were in a happy mood but all of a sudden flames appeared before the streaming stopped."

Nepal Plane Crash
Sonu Agarwal was one of the passengers killed in the Nepal plane crash who captured the final moments during Facebook LIve Twitter

The phone went on recording even after the crash before stopping suddenly.

Another dramatic video doing the rounds on social media captures the flight's progress from the ground as it started landing before bursting into flames. According to reports, the jet then abruptly tipped to the left, spun upside down, and erupted into a ball of fire.

The crash involved a twin-engine ATR 72 aircraft operated by Yeti Airlines. The flight was making the 30-minute journey from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, to Pokhara.

The plane had 72 passengers, including 15 foreign nationals, and at least 68 are reported to have been killed when it crashed into a canyon not far from the city's new airport.

According to Nepal's Civil Aviation Authority, the disaster's exact cause is yet unknown.