What happens when you die? Not bright lights, this Korean woman saw dark tunnel during NDE

Yon's near-death experience testimonial has gone viral, and believers claim it is proof of life after death

The notion of life after death has been perplexing humans for ages. Even though medical experts consider death the end of life, believers strongly argue that the soul begins its eternal journey after the body dies. Spiritualists often cite testimonials of those having near-death experience (NDE) to substantiate the existence of an afterlife and one such testimonial has now gone viral online.

A near-death experience during surgery

The near-death experience has been shared by a Korean citizen named Yon on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website. She apparently had the near-death experience during a surgical procedure, and she claims that it was the most unforgettable moment of her life.

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During the surgery, Yon clinically died for some time, and during these moments, she witnessed some strange sightings. The woman claiming the NDE says she lost awareness of her body, and started floating on the ceiling. Unlike other near-death experiencers who claim to have seen bright lights while being on the verge of death, Yon revealed that she saw a dark tunnel during these moments.

"Suddenly, my body was floating on the ceiling and looking down on my body. I saw two doctors and two nurses operating on me while putting my organs in a large basin. I saw my parents crying outside the operating room, but the situation was not scary at all. Suddenly, I was flying through a very dark tunnel at a very high speed. But at the end of the last tunnel, I could see it was a very bright light outside," wrote Yon on the NDERF website.

Is death a pleasant experience?

In a questionnaire completed on the NDERF website, Yon revealed that death is undoubtedly a pleasant experience. The near-death experiencer assured that she clearly left her body during these moments, and could see medical staff in the operating room, and parents crying outside.

The unusual NDE experience of Veronique

A few days back Veronique, a near-death experiencer, shared her mindblowing afterlife experience during a surgical procedure. During the near-death experience, Veronique apparently saw many people who were in perfect health condition. Shockingly, these people did not have any faces, and Veronique described them as living torch lights.

Veronique also made it clear that she strongly felt the presence of God during the near-death experience. She added that all religions are basically channels that help humans to connect with God.

Even though spiritualists consider the claim made by Yon proof of life after death, medical experts have quickly dismissed the theory. As per medical experts, it is the survival trick adopted by the human brain during life-threatening events that causes these hallucinations.

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