Navrattan Group: Fosters Excellence And Sustainbility

Navrattan Group

Sculpting his vision for a sustainable future is what sets apart Himansh Verma, the Chairman of Navrattan Group of Companies from others. With a vision to build a cleaner, greener, and better tomorrow, various companies of this group strive to make the world a better place.

Mr. Verma has steered Navrattan Group towards evolving means in the best interests of our planet and its inhabitants. The business group offers technologies for various industries like the construction industry, science & technology, transportation, infrastructure, energy generation, and others to name. The group adheres to the best practices aimed at achieving sustainable development goals.

Living up to his reputation of being a true visionary, Himansh Verma is coming up with two more innovative technologies. The first one being Navrattan Green Crete, an eco-friendly cement that is all set to change the face of the construction industry. Green Cement or Green Crete with its characteristics will substantially reduce carbon emissions and emerge as a reliable, durable, and sustainable construction material when compared to conventional cement. The second technology is Navrattan ThermoChemical Gasification, a solution for landfills. Virtually any carbon-containing material can be gasified to produce 'Syngas'. Syngas is a biofuel that does not pollute the environment and substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

At the same time, the Research & Development company of Navrattan Group works around altering affiliations and verticals to reveal the company's forte i.e. bringing together the fundamentals of science and applied engineering for state-of-the-art innovations.

Also, the organization has taken the lead to manufacturing the first electric, composite E-transport in India. The company is all set to transform Indian transportation with E-bus technology. The E-transport will be created using composite materials with integrated processes. With its increased efficiency, less body weight, better road compatibility, low maintenance, eco-friendly, and sustainability, the Navrattan E-Bus will be a boon for the country.

Another revolutionary technology developed by Navrattan Group is SUNSUL Technology which has a definite edge over conventional solar PV energy generation. The clean and green electricity produced by SUNSUL technology is a blessing for our environment as there is no emission of greenhouse gases, thus it reduces carbon footprint.

Himansh Verma with his persistent approach works relentlessly to meet the challenges posed by modern-day living and provide revolutionary ecological concepts and products. He has many technological IPRs to his credit that have made him a paragon amongst the young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Most importantly, every venture undertaken by this business tycoon is a step towards a happy and healthy tomorrow.