Nashville Man Arrested After Video Shows Him Damaging Fruit Vendor's Cart Because He Didn't Want it in His Neighborhood

David Johnson
David Johnson was caught on camera vandalizing the fruit vendor's cart. Twitter

A man was arrested for vandalism after allegedly destroying another man's produce stand over a location dispute.

According to Metro Police, officers responded to the 2300 block of Antioch Pike Saturday for a disorderly person. The victim told police the defendant, David Johnson, parked his vehicle next to his fruit stand and started throwing the produce the victim was selling.

According to police, Johnson then picked up the victim's table and canopy and flipped them over. The incident was all caught on video and shared on social media on Monday, garnering nearly 6 million views on Twitter.

Political journalist Ed Krassenstein, who posted the video on Twitter, wrote in the caption of his video that Johnson was unhappy about a man of Honduran descent running a fruit stand in his neighborhood.

The victim told police Johnson destroyed all of his produce, folding table and canopy, costing him $3,000 in damages.

"Well like any entrepreneur, I came with my business wanting to work, without hurting or bothering anyone," the victim, Diego Parada, told Krassenstein. "I stood here and then within the hour this man, who is present in his car, arrived and almost ran me and my friend over. He got out very angry, I have the videos. And like a crazy person began insulting me. He assaulted me both verbally as well as physically and began throwing everything."

According to police, due to the amount vandalized costing more than $1,000, officers arrested Johnson. Police said Johnson admitted to vandalizing the victims property. He told police he didn't like the victim having his fruit stand on the sidewalk in front of his property.