NASA predictions wrong? Asteroid Apophis may pull earth to prehistoric ages, claims expert

Michael Horn had previously predicted that asteroid Apophis will hit the earth somewhere between the North Sea and the Black Sea

Representational Image of asteroid approaching the earth Pixabay

Michael Horn, a self-proclaimed scientist and official representative for alleged alien contactee Billy Meier has claimed that earth's impact with Apophis asteroid could pull the planet back to prehistoric ages.

Horn made these remarks while talking exclusively to Contradicting NASA predictions, Horn assured that this rogue space body will definitely hit the earth, causing massive destruction everywhere. Horn also added that the world should unite to formulate the best protective measure to protect the earth from a possible impact in the future.

"Our universe is a tricky place and we are in it and there are bound to be things that are predictable and some that are not. I would say that chances are good that Earth could be hit by objects, small or large, and if we were a cooperative world of people looking out for ourselves and therefore each other we would focus our resources. We would focus on military resources on space technology to protect the planet. It could set the whole world, as we know it, back if not as far back as the dinosaurs but pretty darn close in some ways," Horn told

It should be noted that NASA had already started its preparations to study more about Apophis asteroid during its close flyby which will happen in less than ten years from now. As per the current analysis, this asteroid measuring 340 meters in diameter will pass within just 19,000 miles from the earth's surface on April 13, 2029. Interestingly, most satellites in the earth's orbit are 22,000 miles away, and this single factor alone indicates how close this asteroid will be flying during its close approach.

As per current knowledge, Apophis asteroid is screeching across space at a speed of 25,000 miles per hour, and slight changes in its trajectory while approaching the earth could cause a collision that could trigger devastation on a global scale.

Michael Horn had previously claimed that asteroid Apophis could hit somewhere between the North Sea and the Black Sea. He believes that it will cause a crack in the earth's crust, and it will be powerful enough to release a huge amount of gases from the earth's interior. Clouds of dust and other particles will be soon spewed to the atmosphere, which will result in conditions very similar to a nuclear winter.