NASA confirms Supervolcano in Antarctica waiting to erupt any time

NASA has confirmed that there is a Supervolcano beneath the icy surface in Antarctica waiting to erupt at any time

Antarctica's fragile ice

Adding up to the odd behavior of Antarctica, a new study conducted by NASA has found powerful geothermal activities under the surface of the icy continent. According to experts, this Mantle Plume under Antarctica's Mary Byrd Land is as hot as the Supervolcano in Yellowstone, and it is resulting in the melting of ice beneath the surface, resulting in the formation of lakes and rivers under the ice platform.

About three decades ago, a researcher at the University of Colorado Denver had suggested possible seismic activity in Mary Byrd Land, but there was not enough proof to substantiate it. Now the recent seismic images and the confirmation of geothermal activities by NASA are supporting the concept.

"A geothermal heat source called a mantle plume lies deep below Antarctica's Marie Byrd Land, explaining some of the melting that creates lakes and rivers under the ice sheet," said NASA.

However, the world's biggest Space Agency also added that these geothermal activities are not new, and made it clear that it is not a threat to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. According to NASA, the geothermal activities under the ice are responsible for the collapse of the ice sheet during the time of climatic changes in the past.

Conspiracy theorists claim connection with Nibiru

Ironic, but conspiracy theorists all over the world are now busy spreading rumors about Nibiru alias Planet X, a rogue celestial body which will cause mass extinction on Earth in the coming days. These theorists claim that NASA's recent statements are an indirect admission of Nibiru's existence in the outer space. Earlier, NASA has admitted that there is a ninth planet unknown to modern science, and conspiracy theorists rushed to claim that it is nothing but Planet X.

Now that NASA has confirmed the presence of a Supervolcano under the icy surface of Antarctica, Nibiru researchers will surely proclaim that NASA is admitting the existence of this volcano after three decades as the close approach of Planet X will make these volcanoes erupt and will cause mass destruction everywhere.

However, NASA has given little attention to Nibiru rumors, and the space agency has called it an Internet hoax.

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