NASA, AMS confirm fireball sighting in Florida skies (VIDEO)

The flying object appeared from nowhere in the night sky, and people are fearing it as an alien invasion.

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NASA has indirectly confirmed the news of explosion of a fireball, possibly a meteorite above Florida skies on Tuesday, reports WFTS TV. The world's leading space agency said it has received more than 60 reports of the fireball from people living in Tampa Bay area.

Many people have also filmed the video of the fireball, which shot across the sky Florida skies before exploding behind the clouds. The flying object appeared from nowhere in the night sky, and people are fearing it to be an alien invasion.

In the meantime, a non-profit organization of scientists named 'The American Meteor Society' too confirmed the news and stated that they also received more than 55 reports of a fireball streaking across the sky.

Even though the fireball appearance on the sky perplexed the local residents, these sightings are actually not rare. Basically, these fireballs are meteors that fly through the atmosphere at sky-rocketing speed. Air pressure on these celestial bodies makes them burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.

This phenomenon is quite common in all nooks of the globe, and thousands of meteors fall in the Earth's atmosphere daily. Many people are not seeing the fireballs as most of them usually falls in inhabited areas and above the oceans.

When meteors enter the inhabited region during the daytime, sunlight camouflages the event. As people stay indoors during the night, most of these fireball incidents go unreported.

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