Nam Joo Hyuk School Bullying Controversy: Accusers Refuse to Take Down Article

The first accusers of Nam Joo Hyuk have refused to take down the article against him even after his agency, Management SOOP, filed a case against them. The anonymous informant who accused the actor of school bullying said he was only a witness, not a victim.

The media outlet that exclusively reported the incident said the victim was a close friend of the tipper. The bullying continued for over two years, the report added. It corrected the initial report that the informant was the victim.

The reporter and the CEO of the media outlet then said they had no plans to take down the article. They released an official statement addressing the issue. According to the media firm, the agency agreed to dismiss the lawsuit if they released a correction in the article.

Nam Joo Hyuk
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Here is the Official Statement:

Joo Hyuk's agency filed a criminal case against the anonymous informant, the media reporter, and the CEO of the media outlet last week. The firm stated the accusers made a false report about the actor without going through a fact check. The initial accusers damaged the actor's public image with their wrong accusations, the agency stated.

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The Official Statement by Management SOOP:

Joo Hyuk's agency also stated that they confirmed with the actor that the accusations made against him were false. The media outlet made the accusations without going through the fact check with the agency or the actor, the firm said. They also added that the accusers would be responsible for damaging the actor's reputation with false information.

"We are sorry for the media outlet's unilateral reporting that did not even go through a single fact check with the agency or the actor before the story was published. All actions posted through social media and YouTube without clear fact-checking procedures related to these unilateral claims will be subject to strict legal responsibility. We will strongly respond to malicious exaggerations, malicious posts, and comments beyond the simple expression of opinions," the agency stated.

Nam Joo Hyuk
Actor Nam Joo Hyuk Instagram

School Bullying Controversy Against Nam Joo Hyuk

The actor got entangled in a school bullying controversy earlier last week after a media outlet reported an anonymous informant's claims of being a victim. The tipper claimed Joo Hyuk bullied him in school for six years, from middle to high school. The accuser claimed the actor used mechanical pencil refills to bully him and pulled his chair.

The informant said the actor was part of a clique that bullied other classmates by taking their money, cursing them, beating them, and physically hurting them. He showed a photo of the yearbook as proof and said many of the victims are currently under treatment. The victims are now avoiding TV due to the actor's increasing popularity, the tipper claimed.