'Naked and Afraid' Star Brandon Pope Arrested for Spying on Teenage Family Member in Bath

The reality star has been charged with video voyeurism for recording a female relative taking a bath at his residence.

'Naked and Afraid' star Brandon Pope was arrested earlier this month for allegedly spying on a teenage family member bathing in his home.

Pope, who featured on Season 11 of the Discovery Channel reality series, was arrested on Oct. 7 in Nashville, Arkansas, and taken to Howard County Detention Center, where he is currently being held.

Pope Filmed Through a Hole Drilled Under Bathroom Doorknob

Brandon Pope
Brandon Pope on 'Naked and Afraid.' YouTube

According to law enforcement sources, the 42-year-old was accused of filming a teenage family member who was taking a bath in his home. A person who was inside the house alerted the authorities, who then took Pope into custody.

Investigators not only found videos of the nude teenager on Pope's cellphone but also discovered a hole drilled under the doorknob of the bathroom door that was in line with the angle he shot the cellphone-recorded videos from.

Charged with Voyeurism

Pope was charged with two counts of video voyeurism and a felony charge, for using a recording device to videotape a person without their consent or knowledge for personal pleasure. He is currently being held on a $50,000 bail.

If convicted of the felony charge, Pope could face a maximum sentence of between six and 10 years in prison in addition to a $10,000 fine.

Pope appeared on the 21st episode of the reality show's 11th outing, which aired in April. In the episode, titled 'Ring of Fire,' Pope was one of the survivalists competing in the "frigid Bulgarian mountains." He accidentally started a fire that quickly spread across the mountainside where they were filming, prompting the producers to step in and restore order.

He also appeared in Discovery's adventure series, 'Darkness,'which aired for one season in 2017. The show followed a group of survivalists who were trapped inside caves, abandoned mines, and underground convolutions for up to a week.

This is not the first time a television star has been charged with voyeurism. In 2015, 'Spun Out' star Jean Paul Manoux was arrested after two women who rented a condo from the actor found hidden cameras and video recording equipment in the apartment.