Mystery of Shane Warne Death: Bloodstains Found on Floor, Towels and Pillow in Cricketer's Hotel Room

The 52-year-old cricketer was found unresponsive, lying face-down in his room by one of his friends.

Shane Warne, one of the greatest cricketers and all-time greats, died at the age of 52 in Thailand last Friday. Fans of the iconic leg-spinner were shocked at his sudden demise because of a suspected heart attack. New details have emerged in the shocking death of the Australian great. Shane Warne was holidaying with his guy friends at the Samujana Villas resort on the Thai island of Koh Samui.

The 52-year-old cricketer was found lying face-down in his room. He had eaten Vegemite toast as his last meal hours before his death after being on a very strict, only-liquid diet for 14 days straight. Sporting News chief executive, Tom Hall was one of the friends Warne was on the vacation with.

Describing the day of his death, Hall noted that the Australian cricketer received a massage from two local masseuses at his villa and ordered a new tailored suit. He then shared a meal of Vegemite toast before going upstairs to speak to his children. That was the last time Hall saw him alive.

Shane Warne
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Bloodstains on Towels, Pillow and Carpet

Another friend, Andrew Neophitou found him unresponsive in his room and frantically performed CPR on him for 20 minutes in a desperate attempt to save him. An emergency response unit who arrived shortly after carried on the CPR for a good 10-20 minutes longer, but to no avail.

Thai Police revealed on Saturday that the carpet at the foot of Warne's bed was found to be stained with blood. Found nearby were three blood-stained towels and one blood-stained pillow.

Shane Warne
Shane Warne Scren grab - Twitter

However, the Commander of Surat Thani Provincial Police, Pol Maj Gen Satit Polpinit ruled out the possibility of any foul play involved in his death. Explaining the bloodstains, Polpinit noted that they were the result of the prolonged attempts at CPR on the cricketer.

An Autopsy would be Conducted in Thailand

"A large amount of blood was found in the room. When CPR was started, the deceased had coughed up liquid and was bleeding," Polpinit told Thai newspaper Matichon. Police also reported that Warne had complained of chest pains to his doctor before arriving in Thailand and had been suffering from Asthma and heart issues.

On the other hand, while Warne's family wants his body to be sent to Australia as soon as possible, Thai police have noted that the body must undergo an autopsy to find the exact cause of death. A report of the same will be sent to the Australian embassy in Thailand.