Mysterious UFO sighting in Sudan sky triggers alien invasion fears

Some believe the mysterious light was SpaceX's failed Zuma mission aircraft

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Residents at the capital of Sudanese city Khartoum were pulled to a state of panic when an alleged UFO with a green glow on its edges appeared in the sky on the wee hours of Monday night. Eyewitnesses claim that the strange UFO appeared at around 3.15 AM, and many people believed that it is an alien invasion.

The Sudanese military also confirmed this news, and they stated that it might be a satellite on the skies.

"Our base in Omdurman has received notifications from some nearby stations of the emergence of a bright body flying at low altitude over the Wadi Sayidna military zone. A state of extreme readiness was undertaken to deal with the aerial target and intercept it as a photographic reconnaissance vehicle," said the Sudanese military in a recently issued statement.

However, the Sudanese military made it clear that the object still remains unidentified.

But conspiracy theorists are not convinced about the this, and they claim that it is nothing but a solid presence of extra-terrestrial life.

Is it the US secret mission Zuma?

As the news of the UFO sighting went viral on social media platforms, experts started bringing out a new theory stating that the glowing light was nothing but the US Government's secret mission Zuma, which failed after launch on Sunday, and fell into the Indian ocean.

Dutch Scientist, Dr. Marco Langbroek affirms that the alleged UFO is Zuma, and he even shared an image taken by the Dutch pilot Peter Horstink of fight MPH8371 over Khartoum. Langbroek revealed that the UFO is probably the Zuma satellite venting fuel.

According to the Dutch scientist, the pilot noticed the luminous body moving slowly to the south, and it was surrounded by a radiant green light. The pilot has reportedly watched the glowing light for more than three minutes.

This article was first published on January 11, 2018
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