Mysterious Laser Beam in UK Skies Sparks Alien Invasion Fear, Turns Out to be Something Else

The mysterious laser beam on the skies of Coventry made many people believe that aliens have visited earth

A mysterious beam of green light recently appeared in the skies of the United Kingdom. The incident happened in the skies of Coventry on October 17, and the eerie sighting literally panicked residents in the area. Eyewitnesses revealed that the laser beam was blue and green in color, and it finally disappeared in the clouds.

Alien Invasion Fear Grips UK

As the news of the mysterious laser beam went viral on the online spaces, several conspiracy theorists outlandishly started arguing that aliens have visited the earth. Some other people claimed that these beams are being used by advanced aliens to abduct humans from the earth's surface.

laser beam in UK
Laser beam that appeared in the skies of the United Kingdom Mat Lawrence/Kvant Lasers

Several netizens concluded that 2020 is going to be a very special year, as they cited these events as a precursor before the much-anticipated alien invasion. However, rumors were soon put to rest, after the real reason behind the beam was revealed by Mat Lawrence, of Kvant Lasers.

What Caused the Mysterious Laser Beam?

According to a report published in the Coventry Telegraph, Mat Lawrence was actually testing how far the world's most powerful lasers could be seen from.

"We were testing out the world's most powerful display laser and getting some photographs from around the city. We have been doing it in various cities, but I cannot help but think people would rather read we were talking to aliens or something," said Lawrence.

Lawrence told Coventry Telegraph that these lasers could be seen at least 20 miles away in good weather conditions. Before testing the lasers, Kvant Lasers had informed the Coventry airport, so that any flights in the area could be routed safely away.

A similar incident happened recently in India. A few days back, people in Uttar Pradesh were shocked to see a humanoid structure flying in the skies. Later, police officials revealed that the object spotted in the skies was actually a balloon in the shape of Marvel's Iron Man.

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