Solar storms, caused by huge hole in Sun, heading towards Earth; Precursor to Nibiru?

Believers of the popular Nibiru theory are claiming that these recent solar storms are a sign of the arrival of the alleged Planet X but the scientific explanation is different

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solar storm

A solar storm is headed towards the Earth and according to the US Space Weather Prediction Centre, the condition which caused the storm would continue. The storm was caused by the hot plasma, that was spewed from the Sun and it left a monster hole in the corona, the Sun's upper atmosphere.

Essentially, solar storms are caused when the Sun's magnetic field lines open up. It then allows hot plasma to spill into space from the Sun and sends out intense blasts of solar wind. Once these reach Earth, they send charged particles rushing along the planet's magnetic field lines toward the poles. slamming into the Earth's atmosphere.

These incoming particles also rejuvenate air molecules, triggering auroras like The Northern Lights. At their strongest, solar storms can affect electrical equipment and grids, and also knock out our planet's satellites and radio equipment.

However, conspiracy theorists, who believe the very popular Nibiru theory, are claiming that these recent solar storms are nothing but a sign of the arrival of the alleged Planet X.

The Nibiru myth claims that a mini solar system, consisting of a sun-like star, planets like our galaxy and satellites like the moon, is prowling on the edge of our solar system with a huge orbit (3,600 miles) of the sun. The believers of the theory are also convinced that this "rogue system" is also moving inwards our solar system and it will wreak havoc on Earth while passing the planet and that will be the end of the world.

The believers are now saying that the Planet X will come close to the Earth between November 19 and December 20. Now, they strongly believe that this strong solar storm could be a sign that Nibiru is almost there orbiting close to our planet, reported

Christian conspiracy theorist and Nibiru believer David Meade had written on his website, "What if an X-60 solar flare leaps from the Sun when Planet X approaches? The coronal mass ejection (CME) heads straight towards Earth. What will happen? How much warning will we have?"

He also went on to warn the followers about how a strong solar flare could be the signal of Nibiru coming close. He wrote, "The X-ray burst travels at the speed of light and would reach Earth's surface in eight minutes."

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However, US space agency NASA still stands strong on its position and said that there is no link between Nibiru and solar storms, which happen infrequently when plasma ejects from the Sun, because the former does not exist at all.

This article was first published on November 10, 2017