The reboot of "My Sassy Girl" will be coming out this month and the first teaser posters are already out.

According to Drama Beans, My Sassy Girl will be a hilarious rom-com and the main characters were introduced in the teaser as "Gyun-woo, the man with the best specs in Joseon!" and "A bright, sassy woman who is the headache of the royal palace!"

Fans have high expectation from the historical remake of the 2001 contemporary hit which starred Jun Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun, originally.

According to Kpopstarz, the story of the drama will be set in the Joseon dynasty and Joo Won will be playing the role of Gyun Woo who is a brilliant scholar who remains aloof but is loved by the people. Actress Oh Yeon Seo is to play the role of Princess Hyemyung who is a sassy princess. CNBLUE's Lee Jung Shin will be playing an aristocrat and would turn out to be Gyun Woo's rival.

Meanwhile, this will be the last project of Joo Won before getting enlisted for mandatory military service.

Huayi Brothers- the actor's agency has confirmed the news stating, "I will be enlisting on May 16. I don't know if I'll be able to greet you again before then... but it's okay," "My Sassy Girl" actor Jon Woo said to his fans. "I will be going to the army, where all men born in South Korea must go."

According to the reports, on May 15, "My Sassy Girl" will have a press conference before Jon Woo's military enlistment. SBS has yet to inform the official air date of the series but it is set to air this May on SBS for the Monday and Tuesday timeslot and will be replacing the drama "Whisper" when the drama ends.