My Lovely Liar Ending Explained, Episode 16 (Finale) Review, Recap

My Lovely Liar ending featured a new beginning for Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha or Kim Seung Joo. Episode 16 began by featuring the various challenges by the liar hunter after she lost her powers due to the car explosion. The finale also focussed on the never-ending romantic journey between the onscreen couple. People in Korea watched the last episode on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed the ending with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Viki.

The last chapter of this fantasy romance drama picked up right from where the show left off in episode 15. It followed the liar hunter as she tried to adjust to the new lifestyle. She could not hear people's lies anymore. So, she struggled to trust anyone around her. The musician stood by her side during tough times and helped her with the challenges. He also worked on some new music with Ethan and his brother.

Meanwhile, Detective Lee Kang Min let go of his romantic feelings for Mok Sol Hee. He met her for the last time and wished her good luck. Although the former lovers never met each other again, the detective quietly watched his ex-lover from afar and left relieved seeing her enjoying her life with the musician. He kept himself busy to overcome the pain of losing his love.

A New Beginning

After losing her power to detect lies, Mok Sol Hee focussed on the cafe. She spend more time improving the service provided to the customers and tarot reading. At first, the liar hunter felt strange about the situation. Gradually, she adjusted to the new environment. But things took an unexpected turn when her parents needed her the most. She knew they cared for each other and never dared to admit it to one another.

My Lovely Liar
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Mok Sol Hee thought her powers could have helped her parents rekindle their relationship. It did not happen until they were on the verge of separation. An honest conversation with her mother made the liar Hunter realize how much her mother wants to rekindle her relationship with her father. She decided to help her mother clear up the misunderstanding with her father. However, her parents ended up arguing with each other.

The liar hunter thought her parents would never rekindle their relationship till her father sought her help. He wanted to clear things up with her mother. When Mok Sol Hee contacted her mother, she was busy preparing for her wedding to a rich man. The father-daughter duo did not know how to handle the situation. Kim Do Ha and Cassandra helped them.

The liar hunter prepared a surprise for her mother with the help of her lover. She took her father to the place where her mother was having a meeting with her future husband and his situation. Things were getting out of her hand when she got her power back. It helped her parents get back together and lead a happy life.

My Lovely Liar Episode 16 also featured a happy ending for the onscreen couple. The musician won an award for his new work, and the liar hunter happily bid adieu to all her VIP customers for a new beginning. The ending featured a new journey for Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha.