My Lovely Boxer Ending Explained, Episode 12 (Finale) Recap, Review

My Lovely Boxer's ending kept the viewers on the edge of their seats with unexpected plot twists. Kim Oh Bok made big revelations in episode 12. The last episode aired on KBS2 on Monday (October 2) at 9:45 pm KST. People in Korea watched the finale on TV. K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Singapore, Europe, France, Mexico, and the UK, enjoyed the last chapter with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Viki.

The last episode of the mini-series focussed on the final match between Lee Kwon Sook and Han Ah Reum. It also featured how it affected the lives of Kim Tae Young and Lee Kwon Sook. The chapter began by featuring troubled moments for the sports agent. He just wanted to see the genius boxer win her final match. But things were not going well for the onscreen couple. Kim Oh Bok tried to use the sports agents and boxer's father to threaten the player.

Kim Oh Bok abducted Kim Tae Young and Lee Chul Yon. He kept the sports agent under his custody and asked Lee Chul Yon to tell his daughter that her agent would get killed if she won. The sports agent begged the former WBA lightweight champion not to discourage his daughter from winning the match. He asked him to help the boxer win her last game.

In the meantime, Lee Kwon Sook got ready for her last match. She confidently entered the ring and searched for her agent everywhere. When the boxer realized her agent was not in the stadium, she became distracted. Soon, she received a punch from her opponent. She nearly gave up the match when her father came to cheer her up. He helped her stay focused and do her best until the end.

My Lovely Boxer
My Lovely Boxer poster. KBS

The Big Fight

The big fight between the two boxers continued. Their fans cheered for them as the boxers did everything to win this match. Lee Chul Yon got dragged out of the stadium by Kim Oh Bok's people when the result was three rounds away. They asked the boxer's father to stop encouraging his daughter to win the match because the agent would get killed if she won the title. The former WBA lightweight champion knocked them down and informed the police about the professional match-fixer.

Meanwhile, Lee Kwon Sook and Han Ah Reum continued their fights for the belt and did their best until the end. However, Korea's best bantamweight boxing champion was declared the winner. The young genius boxer did not feel sad about losing the belt. She was instead proud of doing her best. She stepped out of the ring with a smile on her face.

Although the professional match-fixer got what he wanted, he did not set the coach free. He shot the sports coach and fled from the place. Luckily, the police force arrived on time and helped the coach. Kim Tae Young went behind bars for his wrongdoings. He stayed behind bars for four months. The former coach helped the police to arrest the match-fixer. He met the genius boxer a year after her retirement and rekindled his relationship with her.