Music competition program Immortal Song apologized to Korean girl group IOI for using the wrong photograph to introduce the band.

It all happened when the newly incepted seven-member IOI's sub-unit did a cameo on the 11th episode of KBS music show. Reportedly, the introductory picture which the production team flashed on the screen showcased wrong members, who are not the part of the current unit group.

The picture included the Produce 101 trainees such as Kang Si Won, Yoon Chae Kyung, Kim Na Young, and Kang Kyung Won, who, unfortunately, were not able to make it to the final seven-member group. However, the girls, such as Kim Do Yeon, Lim Na Young, Jung Chae Yeon, and Zhou Jieqiong, who are originally the part of the present-day band were eliminated from the photograph.

Realizing their mistake, the production team extended an official apology towards the girl group. The team quoted Allkpop: "It's no doubt the fault of the staff. The staff were looking for a photo to use during the video, and used a photo made by the fans."

The PD further elaborated: "It's the fault of the staff who didn't confirm the photo. We're sorry to both fans and IOI. After we realized that we used the wrong photo after the broadcast, we fixed it right away. For videos that will be provided for the 'rewatch service' or for rebroadcasts and cable broadcasts, the edited photo will be used. We're thankful for IOI for putting on such a great stage."