YMC Entertainment is out with the names of IOI's first unit group. Reportedly, the sub unit will consist of seven girls who will kickstart with the second leg promotions of their debut album Dream Girls.

On June 10, the entertainment agency issued an official note introducing the chosen ones. It stated: "I.O.I has finished their first album promotions with their performance at Dream Concert on June 4. We are preparing for their second promotions through a unit group."

Revealing the names of the selected girls, YMC said: "The unit will comprise of seven members including Kim Doyeon, Kim Sohye, Kim Chungha, Lim Nayoung, Jeon Somi, Zhou Jieqiong, and Choi Yoojung. The members are currently working very hard to show a new image."

"As for the members who are not in the unit group, Kim Sejeong, Kang Mina, and Jung Chaeyeon, will return to their agencies and promote as members of their groups that they have prepared a long time for," the entertainment agency added.

Meanwhile in an early statement, YMC admitted that they were not happy with the way 'Dream Girls' first leg of promotion took place: "It is true that we were not 100 percent satisfied with I.O.I's 'Dream Girls' promotions. We will prepare harder this time to please the fans even more," Soompi reported.