Murder of crows crowding in a Chinese street at night has left netizens all puzzled [VIDEO]

  • Sightings of murder of crows were seen in Qinghai and Hubei Provinces

  • Another video showed overwintering of mosquitoes in Beijing

As the new coronavirus spread in China, there have been several weird sightings that the netizens from the country kept updating about. A new video has been circulating from China showing a street in China filled with crows.

The Twitterati have been commenting about the weird sighting by calling it a sight of pure evil. The video from the street in Wusi Road, Chengxi District, Xining City, Qinghai Province, had the crows cawing.

One user who posted the video said that the 'crows love dead animals, like carrion'. With the fear of the virus and the lockdowns, the netizens are resorting to the online platform to share the situation in the country.

Not just crows in the Qinghai Province

Singapore: Woman seriously injured after crows attack her
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There have been several sightings of crows in the country at odd hours and odd places. In another video from Jingzhou, Hubei, a similar situation was noted where birds were flocking around a region. Several have been questioning if the virus can be spread through the birds. There have been videos of crows eating a dead man's face as well.

Dense sightings were also witnessed all around the country. Several have been commenting about how the end is near. The video flocking in Hubei garnered attention from other provinces as well. The other cities in Hunan, Beijing, and Tianjin have been observing a similar phenomenon.

But it's not just the birds. Another video showed mosquitoes overwintering in Beijing. A large number of oversized mosquitoes were seen under a highway ramp in the city. The man who posted the video asked "This has never been seen before. It is very abnormal indeed. Can a research team in the related field come and examine it?".

People commented by saying that the Beijing winters bring out the mosquitoes but they are usually not visible like this. Adult mosquitoes similar to those found in the video don't emerge till April. Some were also quick to point out that ancient wisdom says that such overwintering of mosquitoes can bring in an outbreak of contagious diseases.

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